Blue Marchi- Bivacco Marchi Granzotto

Bivacco Marchi GranzottoThis time I was waiting for sunset, but the whole day it has been cloudy and rainy so I waited in Bivacco Marchi Granzotto.
The clouds where coming from Monfalcon di Cimoliana valley so I moved from the biwak to capture those fast clouds from the center of the valley.

Unfortunately at sunset the clouds were covering all the light from the sun, so I waited blue hour to capture soft clouds thanks to a long exposure.

On the center of the image you can see Marchi Granzotto biwak, It’s a red shelter whit 12 beds with mattresses and blankets.
Right on it’s left side you can see the trail coming from Forcella del Leone and just under the biwak there is the trail that takes you to the place you can get water in about 5-10 minutes walk.