Monte Coglians

Coglians Milky Way



It’s been a while since i publish one of my night images. Here you see Mt Coglians.

This was taken in 2014, during a lucky night. I was looking for some new Milky Way photos because it was a good period due to snow melting and also the position of the stars was good.

I reached this place three times also looking for the lake to be not covered by snow or ice but that year it had snowed really a lot, so even here the lake it’s still most covered with just a few places where you can see the water.

The nice thing about seeing water is that it creates reflections of the sky, so also the stars. That’s why I really wanted to see the lake uncovered by snow.

I spent the night sleeping in my tent, with lot of wind that was noisy, but I was relaxed and tired due to the ascent so I slept really well except for the early alarm.

When I woke up the sky was clear so I prepared fast to get thew shot and this is the result. The green color of the sky in the left side comes from a phenomenon called air glow that occurs in the high layers of the sky.

Here you’ll see another image from the same place, but taken a different day always capturing the Milky Way and Mt Coglians of curse: image

I havent got the time to climb Mt Coglians because I had to go back home early, and this place it is quite far  from my home, so just after the sunrise I packed my stuff and went back to my town.

Mt Coglians is thew highest in Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is 2780m high. It is one of the peack I have to climb at list once in my life, and I know it’s not really difficult to reach the summit.

It is a beautiful place, there is a refuge in both sides of Coglians, but I preffer the north (Austria) side because there is also the lake with clear water, were you can spot some fishes. The lake its 1951m over sea level so you’ll find only nature in this place, especially in winter time.