Casera Pramosio

Cold Love – Casera Pramosio



Recently I was looking for some new photos, and I knew that some snow was coming. After planning a whole week in the mountains I decided to go back to Casera Pramosio.

I arrived early,  so I could hike to a spot I decided and take some photos at sunset, but cold wind and fog forced me to go back to the shelter. I was lucky that in the bivouak there was a fire place, but unfortunately the woods where all quite wet and the place was to wide to heat a little bit. Anyway I was able to cook some pasta with beans, so I had supper.

The night the temperature was around 0, and I slept really well. But some times I woke up and heard some wind outside. So I decided to exit the sleeping bag to see if it was snowing. And it was!

The alarm was set around 6, but It was still dark outside. I had something for breakfast and went out. It was really foggy outside and It didn’t clear out till I was able to descent for almost 500m from.

The thin layer of snow offered a great field to spot chamois so this is how I spotted this two little mountain animals. Due to cold temperatures chamois move in lower part of the mountain where they still can find food and also this helped me to spot two chamois.