Hamnøy at blue hour

Hamnøy Lofoten



In 2015 I had the chance to go to visit Lofoten Islands.

I was very enthusiast about it. I has also the chance to see the Northern Lights. It was a 5 day trip, so I had to give it all in those days.

The trolley was ready way before the day of flight, everything was checked.

There was only one thing that I could not control, the forecast.

In fact the days before my departure, there was a big storm coming from the ocean bringing strong wind and also lots of clouds. I was a bit worried not to see the Northern Lights.

When I arrived at the airport it was snowing, but from Oslo to Narvik there was a chance to see the northern lights from the plane, but unfortunately I was on the wrong side of the plane,so the passengers on the other side could see some activity of the solar wind.

But this game me some hope. The first night I decided  to stay in Svolvær, the clouds where covering the whole sky so I went to bed and rest after the day trip instead of chasing the Aurora.

I woke up early, it was still dark outside. I was hoping at list to take some good pictures of sunrise, but the weather didn’t change a lot from the night before.

After breakfast I drove to this fisherman village called Hamnøy and I stayed there for 2 night.

The storm that was coming from the ocean was right over Lofoten Island and so also hit Hamnøy.

I slept in one of those red houses called rorbu, that are fisherman typical houses. Now they have all sorts of confort and are for rent accommodations.

In the image a moment of small wind while I was in Hamnøy.