Vast Green – Val Cimoliana

Vast Green
The weather wasn’t really the best in Val Cimoliana, it was going to rain… after an hour it started to rain a little, but we continued hiking. Then it stopped and we were able to see some blu sky while the sun was drying the rain.
But the water evaporated created new clouds and then again some little rain, then some rain and then after some lightning so we changed our rute to get to the nearest shelter and protect our selfs from thunderstorm, the temperature dropped down. Just in front of the shelter we got some hailstorm so we just run in to it.
In the shelter there was a stove so we lighted it to warm up the shelter.
We stayed there till the storm passed and then back on trail to the shelter we planned to reach. The grass was wet, the trees were creating some particular scintillement thanks to the rain that was still on the tips of the leafs.
When we arrived to the second and last shelter we left our staff there and continued to a peak of a mountain near the shelter, the trail was quite easy but a little slippery so I went to the peak alone and took this picture of the dense bush from that peak.
The same dense bush we have passed after the hailstorm from one shelter to the second one.